Way To Operate

Rebel in my inner thoughts

they pebels once they hit the rock

And then, the adrenaline strats kicking in, once it hits,

what leaks

through the back door is my ego or rather my pride,

longer then tides and rides across countries

It keeps pumping no need for cuffing, its always for something


You still operate, knowing how pride can kill you

Damage your tissues, add to your issues

But what if, if, its kept me alive?

Kept me a stride away, kept me a side away

Away from succumbing to all the mess self made

What could have happened had it never been adopted

suicide, constant depression whats not to mention?


Pull up in the uncommon breeze, its a brand new day,

know what to crave, and your cases

you move on what bases

know when its time to place your aces

tie your laces

move places

to acheive what you conceive

find peace and live in ease



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