The way I see it

The way I see it we have 2 types of people in this world 1. those who build and grow2. those who destroy and decay if you leading people to the grave or a cell best believe you will have a place in hell. you cant live something you don't do, nor can you speak on that life as if it was you,real moves as onefake spread the don't need to convenience me of anythingI know the truth in the speechthe degree to which your were learningpressurized your mind into mushythat's where the dark is lurkingcomputed energy miss spokencontorted like an orchestrapushed over by a pharma frequensized in lieshypnotize the minds by designedI put a stop to those crimesmy truth from defined will relinquish the demiseall those prophecies in which they liethose with an ill mind will feel inclinedmemories of gods mindalways returns to harmonizetruth from defined you don't wanna battle the master of my rhymeeyes wide openI don't duckthe fact I'm here is to take yall of the hookI wrote these chapters in a bookeach paragraph is quite the Looknow a couple facts to make sure you don't bookI know your argument b4 its spokeblowing lies off the minds like c4I get it your not trying your bestmost of you line finding successno need to connect your dotsI mastered the chessboardnext in sequence my nose ain't runningnatures tune is always humminglike a bird in the skyI'm am the eagle behind the eyeevery wonder whyyou chose to waste so much timechase those in which take from lifewhen we ride on the enemyit gives them frightschances to turn back and face the lightwhen we confide in the energyoutta sight with the blightI'm here with a gift creators souls regranted lifeto those who vow to serve the truthyou will raise with the greatest energy some call it mana but I call it glueyou will never fall to lies It's okay just breathe you face was bluebefore you feel lost I always leave cluesremember to look upand b grateful for youyour my reflection I want it to be truenever fear your pastlessoned learned brings me to youI have you six from all and every sidethis is the greatest promise fathers granted ryze.



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