This Way

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 21:14 -- BahJiy

As I walk down the forest today,

I look, look far deep in the forest pathway

Only to see what I saw yesterday,

But, I shall walk tomorrow down this way.


Again, I arrive back to this one-way,

Again, I stare, stare far down the roadway

Only to find what I found yesterday,

But, I shall, again, travel tomorrow down this way.


Once more, I come toward this wooden way,

Once more, I gaze, gaze far into the passageway

Only to know what I knew yesterday,

But, I shall, once more, wander tomorrow down this way.


Every day, I walk down this forest highway,

Every day, Every time, Every way.

I walk down this road for eternity

I have yet to hear its melody.


But Today! As I walk down the forest,

Deep in the forest walkway I look - 

What I saw yesterday, I see not - 

I have to remember this is the way.

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