Sun, 03/17/2019 - 18:24 -- Cyrus

They crash against cliffs, rocks and ships. They eat away and erode the lands.

They foam and toss around all that manages to get caugth in them. You can be pulled down underthe surface.

You can gasp for air. You can drown. Things hide under the waves. They provide a quick way to get to you.

Who knows what lies beneath.


Yet they are till beautiful. Vivid shades of blue-greens. White caps swirling as they break.

You can ride them, they can take you back to shore. You can float over them calmly, or swim through them.

They don't have to hurt. If you don't fight them, they have no reason to cause you harm. Befriend them.

Allow yourself to succumb to the flow and they will prove to be great allies.



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Our world


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