Water Lilies

Something changed inside of me

When I disturbed the water lilies

The curtains stirred in disarray

But she said that she couldn’t stay


Something changed inside of me

When I sang to the water lilies

The ribbons danced upon her collar

The moon a salty sand dollar


Something changed inside my heart

When I saw the lily’s art

I could watch her paint the streets

The very petals of a Rosa peace


Something changed inside of my soul

When I knew I was what the lily stole

My spirit felt scorched like oxblood

And then I spotted a rare ghost orchid


Something changed inside of me

When I saw the lily pad leaves

They sprung down like safety pins

In came the hungry amphibians


Something changed when I saw her

She was brighter than larkspur

She was more precious than an old phonograph

I heartened up at her musical laugh


Something changed inside my mind

When the lily’s bind untwined

And her leaves fell supine

Upon the surface and along her spine

The pearls were washing up on the shore

Surely this is what they sheened for

The sand implored the sudden downpour

But I would forever be in petrichor


The lily’s petals kissed the pond

And I could hear her calling out

She ran the tender bank daylong

And I no longer felt purely earthbound

The water lily’s roots were arcane

The sea was saporific with brine

I knew I had to dance out in the rain

To arouse my only sunshine 

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