Watching Decisions

- Why look past something when that's all you see?

Guess that's how these guys feel about the H - O - Es.

If it's thrown, ya gonna fetch,

but don't catch, what all this promiscuity brings NEXT.

It starts w/a 'S', and ends w/ a 'T'. 'D'. and now you're just another statistic on the T. V.

I know I would be just as wrong to kiss the boy who kissed the girls, he used as toys,

who kissed the boys, who kissed the girls.

Because, by then I will have kissed the whole world.

Poetic injustice is cause our corruption.

So don't confuse what they tell you with the truth's assumption.

p.s. Informal poem, tried to keep the rhythm understandable even when reading it.


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