Was Trayvon Martin so bad

Was Trayvon Martin so bad because he was one of the blacks?

The law tries to cover it up, but it's time we state facts.

Trayvon was killed because of the color of his skin.

Now his family has to live with broken hearts left to mend.

We have been here before. Now it is time for growth.

Why watch the same channel, when we are all holding the remote?

Trayvon did not deserve to die when he was on his way home.

I did not know it was wrong to walk around or even roam.

How could the law be so cruel and let Zimmerman walk free.

It scares me to think about what the world has came to be. 

What makes Trayvon so different from you and me?

A innocent soul is now gone because of ignorance and stupid cruelty.



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