Was It All In Your Head Maleficent?

Once Upon A Time..

A phrase heard before every bedtime

Cinderella lost her shoe

Just before her curfew

But I’ve got to admit

“How did her shoe slip off if it perfectly fit?”

She was an outcast but not as much as Maleficent

Who I believe is innocent

She was in control

Now my version shall be told

A fierce protector with a pure heart

Which was taken right from the start

The King was her first lover

But also her first betrayer

And just maybe

She was carrying his baby

One day she was awoken

To have her baby stolen

It’s half past dawn

The old her is gone

She can’t take the pain

Trying hard to stay sane

The love for her daughter

Lead to a slaughter

Opening her eyes

She saw a nice surprise

Everything was all in her mind

A story created by a mastermind

The King was her first lover

And her first betrayer

A love that ran deep

But not one she could keep


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