Wars of Blind Resentment

Ah...the Earth is soaked yet again by the blood of men,

The red tainted metal, in which took a life; Quick!

Now turn into dust...



By the red river

running through our enemy's homeland,


a part of both countries die...

With each rising ray of light,

the black shadow grows stronger still!

Breaking the man...

Warped in blind resentment



By the fallen dead,

in which we wrought to bring victory to you!


Bloody rain, burns our skin while we sleep...

Let the Earth weep,

for man has slaughtered their brethen mercilessly once again!

Shackled in another's man's war...

Warped in blind resentment...



By the field of specters

that are eternally tethered to the battlefield,


their ghosts release a crimson cry...

But humans refuse to learn,

for the slaughter is "justified!"

Winners in denial...

warped in blind resentment


This poem is about: 
Our world


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