Warrior Glow

Young and innocent, there I stood,

As tall and proud as I possibly could.

The darkness outside began to seep in, 

Mother knew that my path as a warrior had to begin.

She knew my path would have no ease

She saw the trials and tribulations I could not yet see

Down the long tunnel to finding my warrior within,

The darkness was ready to consume me outside and in.

However, there were a few lights 

To lead me down that dark tunnel

Defeat the darkness, I just might.

I walk with my mother down this tunnel for a while,

She kept me encourage,

And through the pain, she taught me to smile.

She built me up; She built me strong.

"You're beautiful!", she said "You will brighten every dark hall."

She knew I would soon have to travel alone 

Through the tunnel of darkness and fog.

I'd been on Earth just a decade,

When the monsters and demons began to lurk.

One in particular began to creep into the thick fog

"Cancer" he was called 

A disciple of the God of Death.

It began to destroy my mother's fleshy shell,

But it could never take her spirit.

Even thought he took my mother out of the tunnel called life,

A new essence appeared,

The Goddess of Light.

She made sure that my mom was protected and at peace.

The bells of joy and freedom rang so beautiful, loud, and clear

That even the depths of hell could hear.

There I stood in the dark and cold,

How on Earth would I make it on my own?

Demons disguised as angels of light 

Lead me down part of the tunnel just to tear me down and leave me to die

Being able to live to continue my story was a huge MIGHT.

I fought daily to survive,

Looking for opportunities to be revived.

As I limped down the cold, dark tunnel

A beautiful light appeared

Present yet subtle.

I was anxious about following the beautiful light

In fear that it would be another creature of the night.

Oh how happy I was, the light was real!

The spirits inside my heart they'd steal.

They gave me love, they gave me strength.

I was finally able to find the warrior's way.

The path wouldn't be any easier nor safe,

But I now had the tools,

To make sure my spirit, the dark would never take!

Sword and Shield I fought my way through, 

Until the creatures of night would reach their doom.

There I stood near the light at the tunnel,

My strength wrapped with love in a bundle.

Even though darkness will always lurk near,

The only thing standing between me and the light

was myself and the distance through the echoes I hear.

The glow a woman experiences can be expressed in many different ways,

Possible through her looks, body, age, and maybe even her beach waves. 

Do we really know the true definition of a glow up?

Truth be told, it also includes our grow up. 

Indeed, our glow ups can include our beauty through evolution,

But who stood up and fought for the revolution?

Who persevered? Who fought? Who loved with all they had?

Who made it through both the good and bad?

If you take anything from my story, take this

Be strong, be courageous, and love hard, then you will be blessed

Our glow up isn't defined just by our looks and our sparkles on the outside,

But it also includes how our minds, hearts, and souls

Shine for those who live in fear on the sidelines.

A word of advice that I hope you will keep until the end time,

Do not fear what you think might be the end of the line.

For that's the start of your story and your journey alike.

You are loved by many including myself.

To all of my warriors out there,

It's time to finally claim your crown

and take it off of that old rusty shelf.


Love, your warrior sister for life!





This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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