Affliction is my life sentence
for all the broken homes
lost souls who alone roam
it's an epidemic
I’ve been sent to represent it
what debts they let weigh
upon the young man
who dies to a needle in his arm
a mother who never finds the right man
the children who are silently harmed
I’m armed with centuries of history
it within me
Deep I reap the harvest cause
its full- its then the darkest
I've gone through
test & trails
one of the 1st to carry
be buried by the debt
they hoped no one lives to tell
well: it's a for sure were all
made to fail nailed to a cross
only to die then rise
like the flames I’ve witnessed in hell
where they sent me
afraid to see my face
or hear my voice
haunt all those who prayed
I wouldn't excel
a soul they mistaken as everyone else!!

This poem is about: 
My community


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