I know what you think when you look at me.
Everyone thinks the same exact thing.
But no one really knows, or cares to understand,
just what it is, that makes me who I am.

Every scar on my body, its not just a scar.
Not a cry for your attention, or pitty.
But a lesson learned. My battle wounds.
I am a warrior.

My knuckles they bleed.
They bleed because I fight.
I will forever defend what I believe in.
I will forever fight, to love my people.
To love myself.
I am a warrior.

Every stretch mark on my body,
There not because im fat.
I just do not fit the ideal woman’s figure.
Society is truly disgusting.
Each stretch reminds me,
that I am a rising tiger and I have earned my stripes.
I am a warrior.

I have lungs made of ash.
I was forged in the fires of agony,
forced to inhale your toxic air.
 now I scream, and my lungs have never been stronger.
I scream for everything i am,
for everything I want to be.
I am a warrior.

My legs are very bruised,
from falling on my knees.
Praying to god, that he will release me
from the hateful grip of societies hands,
I pray that he will let me one day, appreciate what he has made me.
I pray he will let me love my body.
Just as much as he loved me.
I am a warrior.

Every flaw in myself,
was created from something different.
But when I really start to think about it,
my flaws weren’t created by me.
They were created by the thousand ideals of man
who cut me down to size.
And that’s just it.
Its all about size.
You’re only beautiful if you're the right size.
Well my size is flawless.
I am a warrior.

And now im here today.
Finally alive. My heart beats strong and true.
And my life is coming together.
all because a little birdie told me,
“go ahead. We’ll make it through”
And I did. I made it through.
and I will fight till the very end, to let you know,
that you are beautiful too.
You are a warrior.

The time has come for us to fight back.
To finally be ourselves.
To let the light we hide inside,
shine bright and ring with truth.
because the truth is, no matter what anyone has ever told us,
we’ve always known deep down.
We were all truly beautiful.  
We are the warriors. 


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