The War in our lives

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 17:15 -- julio


We cannot see it raging in other

other cannot see it rage in us

stll the warrages on

we never acknowledge what is happening

you know you are living,but don't know what battles ar being set

the results of the war are never foreold until they are there in front of your eyes

the fight is no chaotic that moves the body

your characte inflicts the pain that damages yourself

chaoc, a battle of the original you

life is the antagonist of your pay, the enemy of your war

the battle you have lost ie life a win

having to grasp an illusion feels vast, the pride immense 

as your sight becomes narrow the image is vivid

your world enclosed to those understandings


in reality, the mind is not fully developed but oblivious

these scars that you may hold dear are unriped

the chaos in the mind is the war for hope in grasping 

the pursuit of happiness  




by cesar alcala




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