War of Art


United States
42° 16' 41.3868" N, 71° 26' 9.1428" W

Theres something for all of us on the other side

Something special, decieve us and we come to find

That all the evils that we've known correspond

with everthing we've ever wanted; thats no suprise

Its in that moment, that you hear that little voice saying "Dont fear. I promise, throughout the years, ill never let you stray.

I listened. Now im here.

In fear of the darkness' works of art on the artistic pulse of every poets heart.

The very thing that they use to not fall part is now a tool of soliciting the innocent's innocence to dark corners

of their minds.

So many questions; Answers next to impossible to find 

Laugter accompanied the pain of their demise, until they realized

The war that comes with creating was inevitable.

So out of pure passion;

They smile.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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