Oh war that I abhor,

When there is a need to kill,

You hear a shrill,

Until there is an implore,

For no more.


Some men say,

War is good,

Settling disputes by fighting,

Is a way to argue without words.

I see myself fading away,

From being happy,

I cry with my son,

And plead him not to cry.

But why do I cry,

Why am I not strong for my child?

It is compassion for my husband,

That is why I mourn,

For he is part of me,

My life.

But it is hard to fight,

When my heart belongs at home,

My wife and my child are alone,

I need to protect them,

But I can’t flee,

Before I have set my country free.

Women say,

Worries come to me,

When I think about war,

The more I think of my husband,

Children say,

War is scary,

Makes me cry,

To see my daddy,

Say goodbye,

No more shall this be,

Daddy please set me free,

From my worries,

Just come home daddy,




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