Why? Why do we hope for peace when people die and people bleed?

Why? Why even mention the word when people continue to let this more forward?

Why let this happen? Why let them die?

Why start a war with guy against guy?

What is war?

War is nothing but death and gore

So why have it? Why continue?

I honestly believe it happens within you

Hatred, disrespect, lies and wanting to be the best

Those are the symptoms of starting a war

For some, these signs are always ignored 

Some may also live a happy free life

But with that, there always comes a sacrifice 

Bombs, explosives, knives and guns

These are the explanations for why wars done what its done

For others, war has made us look

But remember the people and lives it took.

                                                                                -Kira Koch




This poem is about: 
Our world


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