Wanting blocked

Really, how it has changed my life,
leave my freedom, the storm, the distance
that made the journey from one place to my house promises that I lost,
friends who have left for toils of fate,
of life itself, even it is just done of looks,
what i did not know what has gone in part
but I remembered your love
and I took him inside me
so I hid it in a place for my soul

I do not know if in another world exist
in this part changes in both
how it has changed my life, the same being,
is no longer the same,
I do not go with anyone or accept gifts of illusions
but still hold back the old illusions
because even in part still suffer the heartbreak
the evil want
with those loves that paid bad to my soul
that was intoxicated with love
But please life do not look at me like that,
do not block me wanting, you know how much suffering, and when love is so mistreated,so dead in life

You know that love has the right to decide on changes
to be offered in life,
it can not be that he has the same disappointments
that a love does not want to love,
but who helps me to heal when nobody knows how,
when it hurts so much,when the words bleed,
when there is solitude,when i walk alone,
when nobody wants to love,
and beings change of course,
of interior, and my freedom feels blocked
when they wonder why?

I Told myself continue to love if so i tried to curse
to what hurts me
I'll just have the preferred and accurate decision who, how and when to love and love again.
Although born male or female does not matter
if I curse the'll miss
because there is still hope in the strength that remains, and I have,no matter how hard it was,
because yes I'm better today.


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