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In a home where you feel no one cares. All in one room full of silent stares, no words spoken. Room full of hate to the point your chokin'. Backstrokin' in a pool of tears, shy to talk because your heart pumps fears. One hug or one kiss, your whole world turns to bliss... like choclate. Love so deep it's sweet, boy oh boy how I'd love that treat. Giving up is now an option, running far away, theres no stoppin'. I'd do anything for someone to love me, to run and so carefree. Oh god why'd you pick little brown skin me? To have no one but myself, all my confidence stacked high on a shelf. Climbing mountains; space high, reaching out for the open sky, but there's a sign *sigh* a sigh of no one caring, people not even daring. Stranded and alone, in what feels like an abandoned home. Got a mom and dad but they're just there, they're nothing because they don't show they care. Looking for love in all the wrong places, 911? police stations? No hesitation to just run out, wanting to break free and sprout. So I scream out... Love Me without any doubt!

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Royce Duke

Dope. I really liked the wordplay and the story that you told. I could relate to everything you said and could tell you wrote from your heart. Good job.

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