The Walls of My Heart

The first wall to fall was made of ice

It was cold and sad and gloomy like me

But underneath your touch it melted

Warmed by the passion and love in your heart and the simple words

“Are you okay?”


As my tidal wave of emotions swept over you I feared you would drown

Or be dragged away like the others

Yet  when the waters passed

I was shocked to see you still standing there


The next wall you found was made of steel

Still cold and sad, but stronger than the last despite its scars

I thought you stood no chance

Yet as you touched it the steel turned to rust and collapsed as the words rang

“I’m here for you”


I watched as you stepped over the rubble and all I could wonder was

“How do you not get hurt on my sharp edges?”

Still you continued, not a piece of rusted metal touched your skin to tear it

And leave a cut like on all the others


Next you came to the wall of stone, built like a cliff face

Still here you showed no fear

You ran your hand over the stones and they quickly turned to sand

In the silence I heard you ask

“Why would anybody hurt someone like you?”


Inside my final wall I then cowered, my tattered heart beating anew

I built my walls to keep everyone out, but yet you got in

I wondered how I would hurt you too

And ultimately be left behind to suffer


Yet when you reached my final wall you found a door I did not know was there

You stepped inside and took my hand and hugged me tight

In that moment the final wall crumbled like a crisp leaf in autumn

Leaving me totally exposed except for you


My poor heart has had other signatures on it, each promising to write in pen

But instead they wrote in invisible ink

That day you signed your name with a John Hancock signature for all the world to see

You signed it in Sharpie and every day, just to make sure it does not fade and I do not forget

You again write your name

You write the name...

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