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Breakdown all those walls.
I won't judge you by your faults.
When you feel like falling down,
I'll have my arms reached out waiting on the ground.
I promise I won't let you down
If you promise you'll stay around.
I hope everything goes okay the times
That you’re away.
I miss you while you’re gone,
But I know you’ll be coming home.
And when you finally do,
It’ll again be me and you.



This poem may be short but it was so sweet and adorable! I love your rhyming scheme and just how well you say everything so easily! Who are you writing this for? Family or loved one? (Hope I'm not imposing). It comes at a great time! We just posted our first love poem guide.



Thank you so much for that! It was actually one of my first poems that rhymed so well throughout the whole thing. What I find funny is that it was written around two in the morning when I had trouble sleeping. I wrote this for the person I'm in a relationship with who's been gone since summer started and won't be back until school starts up again. How ironic! I've read it; very good points made. Again, thanks for taking the time to read it! (:


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