The walls of stone that guard my heart

come crumble to the ground

Fall like the walls of Jericho

that God sent crashing down

My sould is not free to roam and grow

it's trapped inside a cage

Come break the chain that locks me up

so I may reach a brand new age

One of tenderness and joy

of freedom and of love

To experience the kind of peace

that only comes from above

Melt my heart of stone

make it flesh just once more

So I may enjoy your love 

just as I have before

Stubbornness and doubt

have made their way into my heart

They have resided there for years

and I struggle to break apart

Only you are able

to tear down the walls I have put up

So that I can keep fro hiding

so there's no more to cover-up

Break my heart once more

come and make me weak

So that I may be strong

and have the comfort that I seek

It is so hard for me to trust

even my family and my friends

I know not why I doubt

whether they will care until the end

The stones laid by my heart

began down at the ground

To try and protect me from the world

that is all around

The wall was built so high

it kept many people out

Even though it was me

who they cared about

Suddenly I feel

things begin to change

It is a new sensation

and it is very strange

The walls are starting to erode

they are cracking up and down

Slowly, slowly, slowly

they will crumble to the ground


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