The Wallflower

I have always been the wallflower

When I tried to bloom away with the wind,

I came back with no power.


Week by week, day by day, hour by hour,

The dirt that once kept me firmly

On the ground slowly drains my power.


Always, always the wallflower

Pushed into the corner but what choice did 

I have other than to cower?


I've tried and tried, wasting all of my power

And for what? To have weeds control my every

Movement like the knobs of a shower?


Slowly, slowly, I regain my power

Slowly, I grew away from the all

That I once lived my life as a wallflower.


At last! I'm no longer the wallflower!

I've been cut from the vines that once

Entangled me and crushed my petals.

Vines that once called me "ours".

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