Walk Inside

Sat, 01/24/2015 - 21:57 -- rxa


I step out the door.

Then step back in.

I check the mirror.

Okay, I look thin.

I step back out.

Again I step in.

My clothes aren’t cute enough.

I will change yet again.

I proceed to the door.

I don’t make it quite yet.

My make up is too simple.

Where do I begin?

I think of the door,

Where I need to be.

Suddenly, my mind concentrates

On everyone else but me.

I sit on the couch.

Take a picture of what might be,

A pretty girl.

If only she was happy.

#Filter this.

#Filter that.

A disguise is what I need.

Ill show the world,

The pretty me,

The happy me,

The runner me,

The old me,

The smart me,

The successful me.

However, none of these are me.

These disguises have only blocked me from my own door.

I can’t even take a step out anymore.

I look in the mirror.

Now what do I see?

Insecurity, all over me.


I have these standards.

More like dreams.

Composed of what I think happiness means.

It looks like those girls.

It looks like what she’s wearing

But really all I’m doing is comparing.

Who am I unfiltered and free?

A loving, compassionate, trusting, human being.


That is me.

Not perfect,

& learning not to strive to be.

I am strong,

And I will brake this facade I force people to see.

Who needs a #filter

When we like we?

I step out the door.

I take two more steps.

I smile because I like mine best.

I look around

And what do I see?

A huge world I couldn’t see

Behind that #filter

That is no longer me.

I keep walking.

Growing inside

Are hope and love

Inspiring who I am going to be.

I sit down in class and smile once more.

I am getting an education,

And that is something I am thankful for.

 I look at my phone.

My sisters I see.

Using these #Filters just like me.

How could I forget?

Being their role model is my biggest job yet.

I want to create a space

Where people can see

These #filters only stop people from being able to be.

I am much more than I use to perceive.

I am perfect just being me.

#NoFilter me.





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