Walk Away

I did it.

You said just a step out would make a difference in the divide between friends and lovers.

Well that step might as well have been a leap for me

But guess what? I took the step.

The only problem was that step was too small for you

and once again I become invisible,

Once again my unimaginably strong,




                                                                                   feelings are missed

I transformed my ribcage from flesh into glass so that you could see my heart

And I wore a disguise so that the moment would be private and fully ours

                                          But you didn't come alone

I tried to find you alone, but I couldn't open the door to honest vulnerability to have it closed on me again

So I walked back to the trap of safety and comfort

                        I forgot about the power in walking away

                                                                         I forgot about the hurt of abandoning a dream

                                                                                                                           I forgot how a dying dream screams

But you won't know that

I won't let you know that

Because deep down I know you are blind and your blindness is oblivious to only you


So my dear friend,

Please revive this dream in me

Please see me

Just walk away

                      Because there is power in that

                                                                  There is a deep pain in that

                                                                                                                     And there is a destruction in that


This poem is about: 
My community


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