to walk alone outside is suicide


break out

Of bounds; set the standards around

What others cannot

Trouble inbound; bein followed

Back to the roots, the home,

the starting point

disjointed from the hip

The solution ain’t a chip off the shoulder

Gimme your nation’s borders

I’ll blow em up


the killer’s shy, too much to

overcome aggression before

repression ends your playing session

depression brings the 70s back

in an unwelcome retrogression.

a digression, bite the bullet

for your valentine,

all whine with no cheese;

all cheese with no wine

the finest crimes performed

with a smile on your face; gun in hand

shoot off the wedding band, understand

before you go off to the witness stand.

the bedroom’s a no-mans land; brand of

humour so bland it’s banned;


big band bunny hoppin,

market’s fresh, drummers dropping like

chefs being chopped,

new policies adopt

adept leaders, young readers? nah

Too much hope lies in the well-bred, well-fed,

Young breeders, weak in thought like

They a big shot with his foot caught

up in his ass, self-centered on the past

Charge ahead like he ain’t got a blind spot

Side-swiped like the look on his mugshot.

No future promised from the promised-land,

Only sure thing, the American dream:

Can of beans, lean wife frightened to speak

Out of turn. “When will she learn?

Rights don’t extend to everyone.

Founding fathers never stood on

equal ground”

crowded around the sad scene: good young Christian boys,

family employed, father deployed

five souls in one house with

no place they call home

five people annoyed they live

in a void devoid of the joy to live

in the land of the free, but no freedom

to express - can we address the obsession

of taking what we don’t own?

Anger learned homegrown,

Can’t condone what they don’t know

Only comfort in the combat zone;

They ain’t the target, they ain’t alone in

A geographical zone

Of terror.

Who has it worst? Not us, so why care?

Attitude’s the richest when finances are in



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