Waking Up


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A verse, a sign, a way to move.

To not hinder, cower down, not show up, unlive.

To not be defeated

jealous, envying, ungrowing


Realize whatever is, is not reality, simply a

glimspe of a beginning.

Accepting of pain, no pain;

no joy, no love, no living.

Understanding that our reality and problems are


and beauty does not come harmless.

To give is more than to recieve. In the end

you see you weren't ever alone, but held and embraced, it was you who pushed away

the love,

but never did love push away you.

It was you who allowed your mind

to trick you.

The heart might have decieved you as well as

you realized you wore it on your sleeve .

The brain stood guard when not intoxicated

and a verse gave you an awakening

a gasp of air.

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