Wake up in the morning,

Wake up in the morning,

Sun greets my face,

The ground greets my feet,

Bird songs greet my ears,

That's not what I love.

Your big brown eyes meet mine,

Your smile welcomes me in,

Your messy hair and rosy cheeks are the first thing I see,

That's what I love.

The days are long but the years are short,

Our time together seems like it'll last forever,

When I hold you in my arms and sing you the sweetest songs.

The flutter of your eyelashes and the heartwarming sensation of your laugh,

I wish this would last forever, because that's what I love.

When life gives me lemons and I give them to you.

I'd sacrifice all my happiness just for you.

My life I would give.

The love I hold in my heart for you, is something I cannot explain.

The day you came into my life,

I felt the softness of your skin,

The soft sounds you made,

How immensely I loved you from that first moment.

This poem is for you, because you're what I love, my sweet baby.

The true love of my life, my daughter.

This poem is about: 
My family


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