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Tick tock,
Good morning,
Today, a life will be lived and a life will be lost
Today, a murder will happen and a child will be born
Today, a senseless crime will make breaking news and an innocent family will go hungry.
Today, a young girl is getting bullied by girls at school and molested by her father at home and someone’s out there having a dinner party
Today, the issue of gun violence will cause an uproar as everyone blatantly ignores the topic of mental healthcare.
Today, a young lady will go to the mall and “treat” herself to the finer things in life with her father’s credit card and a young mother is somewhere struggling to buy groceries for her children because she’s unemployed and owns 2 degrees.
Imagine, we all live and breathe under the same sun and moon.
Our triumphs and sorrows all happen in the same 24 hours.
Time is of course of the essence and money brings harmony and fixes issues; these are unwritten laws.
My broken generation comes from an even more broken generation and we produce more lost souls. We produce children with sight and no vision. We produce children with words and no message. We have written tragedies and sung melodies sparingly.
Happiness? Who are you and where did you come from? You’re a foreigner. I won’t have you unless you’re as blissful as my sorrow.
We must write stories of resilience in history books. We must cloth ourselves with knowledge. We must wear pearls of zeal and humility.
Just like the single mother of 3 who works 2 jobs and is going back to school to get her degree, I’m exhausted.
I am…tired.
I am..
Tick Tock…Good Morning. Today, a life will be lived and a life will be lost.

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