Wake up.

Mon, 09/29/2014 - 21:54 -- Muna7

A cold day

But I have to get through it

Can you imagin feeling what im feeling

Do you know what i go through

Even if you think you do , you dont

For right now ill let you think you do

Good, now lets get to the good parts


I`m Munakinz

Just so you know Im a happy person

Kill them with kindness they say

Lets go with that as the motto

My dream is that we can all get along

Now, who knows this is just poetry

Of course theres will people who think differently

People that dont understadn my type of poetry

Qualified to do, say, and understand what i want

Really though, what may seem like trash to you is real to me, my style of everything is real to me

So judge if you want 

Truth be told, i dont care, my stype is happy

Unlike you, i dont need to be told im happy. if i choose to live another day im happy

Very selfish of me to not care about what others have to say right

Well, I do not care bc im Happy 

X-Rays are to vision while mine is to happiness

You should also be happy

Zee you later :) 



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