Falling head over heels for a man...it's been a while since I've actually felt this way about anyone... And yet it's so different, I'm feeling as if this man is becoming something like a best friend..I want more than just a best friend relationship..I somewhat trust him and I'm proud because & I've never be able to say I trust anyone.. I talk to him about whatever, he always puts a smile on my face & heart..he's so satisfying...as of now I couldn't imagine my life right now.. He seems to keep me grounded in this crazy life I live.. Striving for better and he sees it.. I love when and that he sees the best in me when I can't.. The fact that we compliment each other means so much to me... Thank you for taking the wool off my eyes & looking me square in my eyes and telling me to live for me... Giving me the much needed heart to heart real deal reality checks.. Oh my the things I love about this man.. He's so intelligent, so strong, so handsome, so pure, so amazing, such an asshole when he wants but I still can't get enough...No on knows how bad I wanna tell him how I truly feel but I'm scared... Scared of rejection..but who isn't right?! I give him my time because he deserves it and so much more...he has my full attention... little does he know deep down I have this little bug for him... He's always the first second and last thing on my mind each day... I'm not able to function if things aren't right between us..this man means more to me than the eye can see... My heart sings a  beautiful sweet melody when I see him.. My palms get sweaty from one word from his lips...my body melts from the slightest touch!! I'm faced everyday with the choice of either telling him how I feel or hiding it but subliminally telling him...constantly sending numbers I don't think he really gets....this man is like no other.. I am happy to have met such a beautiful free thinking, majestic being! All I ask is he tell me how he feels so I know it's real...

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