I sat here alone in the silence.
I sat here alone and waited for her.
I waited for her light in this darkness.
For my loneliness she alone could cure.

In the dark I sat for eternity
Waiting for her eventual return
Her divine gift was lasting purity.
That which could quell the hellish flames that burn.

My one feeble heart that cried out in pain
I continued to wait for her small light
That would stop me from being insane
And bring life to a land dying from blight.

Until then I shall remain in the dark
In death, this poem, I leave her as my mark.

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This poem was drawn from my lonely days as a middle school and high school years where a single girl whom I never knew, would comfort me, She was the only one who would pick me up after the others laughed at me. She was the only one who noticed me. To this day, I still do not know her for I was too shy to ask her name. I would like to thank her if I were to ever meet her again.

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