Wait, what did she say?


Hunched over a bright computer,

Warm coffee accompanies her.

Searching for words to express herself,

Searching for words too difficult to tell.

A closet full of skeletons, a pretty blonde head full of secrets.

Only 12 years old when mommy packed up and left,

Only 12 years old when daddy was depressed,

Only 12 years old when her life was torn to pieces.


"You don't need a boy, you're too good for them."

Turns out she wasn't such a great listener.

Whispered sickeningly sweet nothings to her,

She didn't trust anyone, except for him.

One blink, and he was gone,

Gone without explanation,

Left with every ounce of love she gave him.


Sooner than ever, high school rolls around,

Along with it, a slew of unexpected stresses.

No one to tell her that education was important,

Who would ever take for granted something so precious?

Then along came her 4 angels, 

The guiding light away from the dark path she almost fell to.


Things turned around,

Life began to look up.


With her grades in superb condition,

With sports as the outlet for emotion she previously never had,

With friends who act more as a family than hers ever has,

With the cushion needed to reach her dreams.

She finally got her head straight on her shoulders,

She finally began to see things more clear.

Left the force of "life soldiers",

Declared a veteran of war.



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