Voyage Part:one


United States
44° 58' 7.518" N, 93° 2' 54.942" W

Everyday I’m stressing
Trying to repress the excess
Expression on their faces that makes me feel less of a person but more of a mess
And coming from them hits hard to the chest
but I endure it because I know its nothing more then a test
When I think ink at my best (But I know this cant be my best)

If life is one of my best teacher then why is everyone all in my ear preaching.
Your leeches to my soul
But I guess I need to be told
Just so you can say at least I told her so
No matter which road she goes
But I feel like they’re becoming my foes

I’m their door mat, so low
They used to treat me like their present with a Big red bow
Its not like that anymore

I was yes but now no
I’m silver but once gold
Like a stand with nothing to hold
Sitting here by myself watching life unfold
I am at a stand still but I desperately want to go



A strong, self-exploratory poem with some powerful lines. I think some of the more poignant lines occur at the end: "I was yes, but now no/ I am silver, but once gold." Simple, yet powerful lines--keep it up!

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