The Voodoo Queen

I am not the girl I used to be

Crowns, jewels and an emerald sea

Used to entice and intrigue my eyes

Until I was resorted to swallowing flies. 


Now I've learned a trick or two

From my days of a frog coated in goo

I escaped that life on my own terms

That hideous swamp was flooded with worms.


Promised a future of glitz and glam

Honey I learned, men don't give a damn

He cheated and abandoned me, that dreamy Prince Naveen

So now I've become Tiana, the Voodoo Queen. 


Your parents warned you of the magic beyond

But I was sick of the flick of the wand

I can achieve my goals on my own

And with my spells I'm in the zone.


Frogs, toads, I've encountered them all

I suffered too long after his beckoning call

It drew me in and fooled me with a kiss

My experience was one I will never miss.


I play with evil and joke with the shadows in the dark

I whisper my tricks and make my mark.

The Princess and the Frog, what do you mean?

I'm not that girl, no I'm Tiana, The Voodoo Queen. 



Holy moly man this was good, the reason i didnt really wanna read yours was cuz the bad edit picture thing but it's actually really good. i really liked it.

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