The Voice Inside Me

It whispers to me like the wind whispers through the trees. 

It calls to me as a mother calls for her children.

It seeks the dark attention in me as a shadow seeks home in corners.

It tells me of my fears and my insercurities.

It pokes at the freckles on my face as if they were mountains in the sea.

It pokes at my clothes I wear as if I was the only person in blue while others are yellow.

It laughs at my voice as if I was the only southern accent in a world of opera voices.

It nags me awake at night as if my mind was unstoppable.

Unable to cut it out.

Unable to block it out as it is part of me.

I feel it drag its claws around my mind and heart as it drags chains around them.

Hiding myself in my own body.

Pushing my happiness and smiles down into a hole like the sea is swallowed by an abyss. 

I hide in my body as a dog hides from thunder. 

I try to open my mouth when others ask of me, but it covers my mouth like a villian covers a victim's screams.

I take my medicine that I believe will save me, but it over takes the pills potential. 

The doctors ask of me "What would you like to do?"

This moment. This my chance. I swallowed the voice with all my might.

"I want to be happy again"

"I want to be free of this darkness"

"I want to be me"

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