Visiting my grave

I know she feels me close by
Even if she cannot see me
She knows my presence is beside her
Where it is and always will be
There is no need to miss me
I'm always by her side
But I love how she comes
To be closer and takes the midnight ride
She feels safe here alone
She feels comfort from my stone
She talks to me and tells me things
As if I didn't already know
I'll always stand behind her,
In death as I did in life
Always looking out for her
Me dear beloved wife
She shines on me in the shadows
As as she brightened up my life
She loved me through everything
The pain, the misery and the strife
Her love was unconditional
I could have found it in no other
So I sit here with her every night
As she visits me in my darkest place
I long to hold and caress her
As the tears stream down her face
I know she cannot feel my touch
Although she feels my presence
I'd love to show her how it feels
The beauty in this darkness
A place of calm and serenity
Spirits abound with such beautiful knowledge
Teaching things long forgotten
From places nobody remembers
Lighting up this soul of mine
With such beautiful glowing embers.

She still has a life to live before
She comes to join me
So I'll make sure to be her every night
As she sits here in the cold
Longing to kiss her face, if I could be so bold
*Allen Bais*




Veri nice saying

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