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What are visions? Are they dreams? Are they prophesies? Are they fantasies? Are they lies told to ourselves? Are they glimpses of another dimensions in which we are the same person, but walk a different path? But if you are walking a different path you really aren't the same. We are shaped by happenings and tragedies around us. We could only be the same if we walked the same path. But what does that mean? That means you couldn't be seeing that dimension. Because it's really somebody totally different. So what? Is it a fantasy? Something we hope to be? A lie we told ourselves to better our sleep? A lie to keep us on our feet, moving? If it was really a lie than why do we believe it to be true? If we see it in front of us, it can only be one thing. A dream. A dream that could turn into a prophesy. If we believe the dream. If we work hard to make it be, then it really was a prophesy. That's what a vision is to me. A hunger to be great. A thirst for success. A phoenix that rose from the ashes, of our dead past. Vision is a passion. Passion is love. Which means visions must be the things we love. The things we want to see. The things we want to be. What do you do for something you love? You constantly think about that thing. So when you follow that vision, when you pursue that dream. Make sure everything you do is to make that vision succeed.

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My family
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