Vision to Division ➗

By Joe Lilley

* Day Like A Distant... Thought, or Vision
* Now Seemingly it Appears as if Nonexistent.
* Against the Resistance
* Of This Unwanted Division
* I stand like that of Repression.
* Undesirable the Rejection
* of this Fare plea Admission.
* Comparably Like Covered Mouths it
* Forced The Silence it's own Mutations.
* Made by the Hands Of the Mother
of This Affliction.
* She Who is Always Lacking Discretion
* while diminishing , Any Reminiscing
* Of Views Ideas & Theology from Attention
* in This Repression
* I wont let Regression Start Regressing
* And Take Away from this Condition.
* Cause I've Been Conditioned
* to Stand up for my Vision
* Against this Aggression Of Oppression.
* 2 Different Views That had Trouble mixing.
* When Quite Simply In My Prediction
* If Given positive Direction
* W/ a 10pt. inspection
* There'd be less Aspiration
Removing The Poisonus injections...of The Negative Resistance
It is My Dedication....
in These Honorary Missions and
Toe to Toe I'll Stand
Against this Affliction
Never Denying only Admitting.
It Never Had Space to Grow ya see
For Instance
It was Smothered out
& then Faded
in an Instant
Of What it Shoulda
& Coulda Been.
Much Like in it was Remission
I got No Choice Decision
& Shadows of it still Descend.
No Never Was it Hesitant.
Of What Once Was
There still Lies A Remanence
Ever Present
Then Became this
But I Never Gave up
Fighting for Truth
But Purity you
Never Relish
And Honestly
The Condemnation
Or Ever Resisting
til all the Negative is Captured this Mission
as its Dedicated til Completion.
As if it was like A
Dream Or an Old Picture with a Broken Frame I'd Been Fixing.
Like Some form of Remission
Til That which You make So Complicated.
And I Never Backed Down or Hesitated.
But Had to Watch as it Faded
into a NowLong Forgotten Addiction of Affliction.


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