Violence in my Streets (Boston)


Cheyenne walker
17 Milton avenue apt 2
United States
41° 43' 4.2168" N, 73° 57' 50.1696" W

I hear the sirens outside my door,

bodies and blood cover the cold street floors,

screams and cries can be heard all the way,

this is how we living today,

guns ripping through the air,

knives cutting holes through bodies, 

leaving more than tears,

mothers burrying their sons 6ft,

because they never did want to listen to their mothers,

ambulances race against time,

while some mother grips her child's hand as they die,

 Graveyards are becoming full fast,

with bodies being stacked like wads of cash,

dreams are being shattered as blood splatters,

darkness spreads from night to day,

ghosts play in the fog,

mother's cry their hearts out in despair,

violence in my streets is no joke,

before you close your eyes,

the enemies at your throat,

ready to devour, kill, and tear,

you think you got what it takes to survive,

come look at the pain through my eyes.

boston strong.


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