Vilent Shootout

There are terrorist that take innocent lives.

and commit random impetousity to please their vengence,

deprivng the earth of souls.

The crime done is permanent and vile

but cannot expunged from your record;

In the world, there are heros that save entity

and restore the peace thatt was once stolen,

interpolating shatered pieces.

In the universe, there are guardians that defend people,

but have shields to protect them from harm as they sacrifice their life on the line;

The ones that face the danger are brave,

but those who act on deleterious actions are bad.

Ones that stand in the way of trouble travel in evil creation,

fightng virtous forces against cold hearted culprits,

corrupting the air of society;

When deputy eliminates affliction,

harmony takes place of vehemence,

inserting srenityofr armorousness surrounding vitality.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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