From the View of a Daughter

Your fire burns low
But there's so much to show in your embers
You've been my rock, slowly faded to dust as far back as I remember
Why do you take the lies
Bottle things up inside
Years have gone by
Captivity is life
And there's no escape

You've had open doors
Closed by your hand
that's given me hope.
Your heart, it takes a beating
With every malicious word that's fleeting
From a low life, tired man.
You're selfless and kind
Yet you believe in the swine
Who calls you worthless.

The thing you need most but the last thing you think of is space
There's no time to think of needs that are your own as long as he's in this place.
You walk on thin ice and you can't help but break through
With every raised voice and every hateful word he says to you.

You've been molded and scolded into somebody new
The young woman you once were
wouldn't even recognize you.
I believe you were once independent and free
Free to say what you want
free to go where you pleased
Without permission or guilt from
An insignificant cunt
How can someone who treats you so low
Have a right to tell you what you want?

Don't use marriage as an excuse
He's my husband, I must obey.
God told husbands to be like him
Would God call you a stupid bitch everyday?
He refuses to change
And he's had so many options
From counseling, to praying, to pills, to potions

He controls everything about you
You ARE his captive
I've watched him control you all my life
And you've become so passive
I know you want more
You DESERVE so much better
But you've got the worst case of Stockholm
It encloses you like a sweater

Just the thought of getting out
And having a better life
Comes to your mind for a split second
Until YOU burn out that light
What are you so scared of
To be treated like a real person?
To finally feel what love really feels like
And realize you've felt the wrong version.

Your fire burns low
but there's so much to show
in your embers.
I know that woman's inside you
Please, please, please... remember.


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