Victor Not a Victim

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 21:54 -- acopper


United States
32° 33' 47.4588" N, 97° 8' 30.0948" W

Leave me alone, let me be
Stop devouring my body.

You’re a relentless disease,
And you’ve knocked me to my knees..

Burning like hells fire,
You’re persistent and tenacious and you never tire.

An insatiable beast that destroys me from within,
Fighting me with all of your might refusing to give in.

Wreaking havoc on my life,
Surgery after surgery I lose pieces me under the knife.

Surgeons proclaim I’ve got it all this time,
This ones not malignant it’s benign.

Thinking you are gone, I get back on track,
You laugh in my face and yell “I’m BACK

I realize that I will never be free
Of the pain and suffering you bestows on me.

You are a sinister, conniving angry troll
An arrogant egomaniac who relishes in control.

Life partners to the end, I guess we will be,
Although there is no cure , I refuse to let you get the victory,

You have beaten me to a bloody pulp, crushing me limb by limb
Taking away my lifelong dream to be at the Olympics and swim

You may have stolen my strength, but inturn I gained power.
To fight you head on hour by hour.

Refusing to give up although you fight an unfair fight
I painfully push forward to earn my stripes for battling you both day and night

You might control my body, but I control my mind
My value and worth I refuse to let you define

You will not dictate, deny or derail me from my path.
I am going to win. It’s God and me - against- you DO THE MATH

Look beyond my disability and deformity ,
and you’ll see there’s more to me
I am not a sob story I am a testimony.


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