The Venous Bleed

Mon, 01/20/2014 - 21:39 -- ash0315


I remember the day clearly

bewilderment, agony, pain

I stepped outside, greeted by the harsh, bitter cold

as if the weather knew by

matching the very feelings I held to you


I could swear barbed wire was shredding away at my heart

they say pain is weakness leaving the body

but it seems that pain has never quite left me

does that make me weak, or mean I have found courage

not sulking away, instead

facing the worst daemons of all


Always remembering where I have been

the snares to look out for

ensure to stay away from those like you

yeah, my heart was shredded quite a bit

yet I feel my pulse, slowly beating in and out

the blood, pain, joy courses through my veins

throughout this short life, I carry some scars

they have built me to the image I am


Look me in my piercing blue eyes

can you see my soul, is it there for the world to see

cause sometimes I am not sure where it’s gone

did it get carried away with you

or little by little after these journeys I’ve traveled through

maybe it is tucked further deep inside me

searching for this person I am becoming




I take a deep breath

breathing in the cold air once again

the weather is a callous reminder

of where I have been


despite this sudden joy fills me inside

as I look to the unbeaten trail ahead

believing I'll achieve more than I ever dreamed back then


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