A Velvet Flower


A Velvet Flower

He could see through her heart as if it were diaphanous

Sheer like the velvet flower she had given to him before she had ran off into the night

The sky had been an opaque navy blue darker than any he had ever experienced

He knew she loved him, he even knew he had her heart

Why, oh why, his heart pondered; was she so inclined not to have him

 He remembered the feel of her skin as she snuggled close

A smooth dark silk the hue of chocolate

A sharp, discouraging contrast to the ground on which he slept, riffle in arm

He encountered thoughts of the first day his dad had sent her to him

He had not expected to fall in love

Instantaneously it happened, no question about it

Her hair had been wild and free tight curls all meandered upon her face

Her almond eyes looked bewildered, that she was here with him

She seemed frightened

oh, his recollection over her made him weep, even as his brethren lay dying around him from inflicted bullet wounds; he was fighting a war, a war of reveling kinsmen- he was fighting for a side that did not believe in his love

All he considered was the bullet she had placed in his heart

How had this woman captivated him so?

Day was breaking and he yet did not want it to for his reminiscing had captured his mind once again

Her fright had only made him more tender toward her

At first touch she became confused, he could tell

His gentleness had eased her, her bewildered eyes had calmed to a subtle state

She captivated him even more as he took her in for all her beauty

She was wonderful, he felt undeserving of her presence

But by his Lord’s dear name, he was grateful

Days had passed weeks even and her captivation had not weaned from his heart

Still a full moon of her beauty and intellect enlightened and conjured bountiful feelings in his heart

He wanted her to be his only, he was to her that one infamous night

Maybe she had known of his intentions, for when called into his presence she had the velvet flower encased in sack cloth as he approached her for an intimate embrace

She put the velvet flowers In his hand and ran off

The last his blue eyes had laid upon her brown eyes

                                                                                                                                By Simone Emiline Robinson


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