Because I gave you my heart and soul,Isn't that how the song is suppose to go?The cycle of love was the rhythm to go with flow,Yet, the truth of you lies underneath the arteries of what was bitterer and untold. I quenched my fingers tightly to embrace the way I repetitively forgiven you,the chase was the replicate of a roaring leopard,speeding through a wilderness inside of skyscrapers,why did you forsaken me?your darkness left me so empty,through scaffolds of loneliness feeling depleted ,why was this chase so empowered?It left me draining yet so thirsty,the love I gave was stronger than the seven elements,the strongest of minerals implementing through my body, why was this feeling stronger than the way I rode your body?why? I accept this to be my own mistake, never pointed the finger at you,you weren't the blame caused for my agony,the way you intake, the way you forsake,you unworthy bastard,was it the valve in anatomy that structured the membranes; that hollowed through my organs right into my veins that jagged the inside of my mourning heart?or was it a device that flowed the gases of poison right into your's?I fucking dislike the way you betrayed me over that valve,however, that was your disease, your habit, your addiction, and still,I ran through buildings no matter the degree, I couldn't dispute,I lost the voice you once loved and respected,and now it's time for me to love myself once again,and mend the H for my broken heart. ~Valve2be continued  

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