The Value of Measured Words

Quiet, they say.

I grew up in a strong set of beliefs. No need for conflict.

“Know your strengths.” I listened; I am prepared to defend.

The older I get, the stronger my voice becomes



Without filters, my words are vibrant, but

Uncompromisingly clear.

New sides of myself even I am unsure of, not yet comfortable with,

Not yet ready for a voice.

“Freedom of expression”, that long-sought, much-discussed human right,

I’m grateful to claim it safely.

Though I remember when choosing my words

It’s not all about me.


Filters, like so much else, have a time and a place.

Some people, those that understand me best, can safely view me without.

And some filters I value.

Properly employed, they protect friendships, preserve dignity, 

As human nature is often ruled by impulse.

“Unfiltered” does not have to mean harsh, offensive, in any way.

They shouldn’t be something one is obliged to hide behind, either.

When confidence is gained, I feel free to drop mine.


I’ve learned from this: 

Speak unfiltered words with judgment,

With consideration,

To give others the freedom to put their own filters down.

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