The Value of a Dollar


If money is the source of all evil, then we must be living in hell

Corporate America is in control and I compare it to jail

Since we are all victims to it, somebody show me my cell

Money is manipulating our people is it that hard to tell?

But see if I had the power

To get rid of the sorrow

I would make a better tommorow 

By changing the dollar

See the rich have it all

I think its unfair that so many people have to suffer even though its not their fault

When your born into wealth, life is much  more easier

as opposed to being born in a home where daily routines become tedious

Dont get me mistaken but lets face it

Its hard to make a living when your involved in certain situations

But if I could change how money was valued, it would change the social class as we know it

The world would be happier and my new system would show it

It wouldnt matter who you are, where your from or if your smart

because a persons value would be determined simply by the goodness of their heart

The pain would all deminish opening the door for equality

Ultimately making our world a better place to be




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