Valley of the dolls


Far far away in the planet of the “dolls” everything was perfect. Perfect clothes, perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect homes, everything was exactly flawless. Party today and shop tomorrow while just to living in the moment some may say.   Day after day living in a perfect world of peace but I wonder, is there more to life than just being carefree? Living in a world with happiness and no other emotion? Is this how life is meant to be or is it my imagination getting the best of me. Suddenly realizing life is about to change. My thoughts fly out of this world.

(The aftermath)  Day 1: What I thought was a perfect world is no more. All the partying we have done has destroyed our community, our society, our environment with litter and waste. What do we don now? We don’t have enough clean air and water to survive. We are running out of money and we can’t run away from it. Suddenly everyone is fighting for an economic interest no one can provide. Are we carefree now?


(From bad to worse) Day 2: In the planet of the “dolls” everyone is suddenly depressed and worried. They’re losing their homes and jobs, barely making a way to take care of their families. The government has gotten so bad they are starting to spy on citizens and execute them for abusing their system. The sudden life of poverty has consumed good minds into broken glass. Do we care now?

(Running out of time) Day 3: The planet of the dolls or the planet of depleted? We have nothing left. No one to turn to and help us in our time of need. No more food. No more homes or hands to reach out to.  My planet is almost out of its time but I’m still holding on to it. Please someone give me a sign. Give me a reason. Why are we like this?  Money and power has run us into an abyss of lies and destruction. So what do we have now? You don’t even care so why should I?

(Final day) Day 4: “I can see the end “they say but we still keep holding strong. The planet of the “dolls’ is almost over, but my life is still striving for that change.  Pausing life for your time and moment isn’t what we need. Play on for our future, our survival of our planet because we only have one. My planet of the “dolls” is Earth. Earth is my own planet and home, but I can’t save it alone. We need someone who cares about her , someone to love her and set her free. A planet of unity is what she deserves but nothing can ever be perfect and everyone can be satisfied, but life isn’t really about is. It’s about working together to keep our planet one and have some piece of global unity to save her. Now do you care?


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