The Valentine.

Uhm. There’s a twist.


Have you ever loved somebody so much,

That the very sight of him feels like a soothing touch,

A smile that would set your whole day right,

And dreams of his, would take up your night.


Have you then, had the courage to go,

Tell him about this, and then show–

him that he means the world to you, and more,

that its him, and only you earnestly adore.


He thinks of you as a friend, that’s all,

A cute little girl, all funny, sweet and small.

He loves to annoy you, but he never really sees,

that joy inside you, that says “Trouble me, please”


You think of him so much all day long,

that you can’t meet his eyes, all wrong–

ideas start popping into your little head,

Little voices in your heart, singing the unsaid.


He has many others, friends, peers and lovers,

And then there’s you, hiding emotions undercover.

Hoping that someday he’ll know how you feel,

and dramatically, “with a rose, shall he kneel ”


Have you really ever had these thoughts and feelings,

I haven’t, for i have never understood their meanings,

So till I find someone like this, this is plain rhymes,

And this Valentines Day, I’ll wait till midnight chimes.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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