utterly tired

I am an individual you see 

I am not supressed or opressed

I do things my own way

I lay on my kitchen floor 

I sing on the toilet

I pass gass freely

I make weird sounds when I'm by myself

I masturbate without judgment

But I am back to school now

And it is abnormal to do things your own way

It is scary to be free

It is not good to sprawl

because we are confined to such a small space you see

We must hold what is natural in

natural is the enemy and superficial is the envy

We must not make a fool of ourselves

For humans must not be labeled as weird

And girls, lets be honest! GIRLS WHO MASTURBATE ARE WEIRD...

masturbation is for the boys dont you see

Also girls, lets enjoy being put down

lets get used to being sexualized by students and by teachers

Lets revert back to captivity

Becasue summer is over and we are once again caged





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